Hanging with buddy today before #WWEPerth!!

"We debuted only few weeks apart. We retired only few weeks apart. My first match was with her. And of course, my last match was with her. We ran side by side as rivals for our entire career… She’s my nemesis, she’s my partner in crime. She’s my bestie.” 

Battle-tested and bruised, @heelziggler reflects on his match with @wwerollins on #WWE #Smackdown


What a killer #talkisjericho with #Goldust & #Stardust NOW on podcastone.com!  ~ IAmJericho

Daniel Bryan has gone full Brie Mode.

AJ tweeting with Dolph’s brother.

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"Oh, 100% I was sending her a message. Everything that I did to Naomi tonight is exactly what I’m going to do to Brie in Hell in a Cell, and Brie knows that. And I think tonight, I have once again proved who the better Bella is.. and you know what? I just hope Brie’s ready because I have a long list of things to do, and they’re not gonna be easy. So good luck Brie."